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The end of the year approaches, so it’s time to let the Christmas spirit fill your heart, your home, and why not, your WordPress blog. Because WordPress is such an amazingly versatile platform, it’s easy to adorn your website with eye-catching holiday decorations, or even to change the entire theme with a festive Christmas template.

To help you add some Christmas magic to your WordPress blog, we’ve looked up and tried out the top 10 WordPress Christmas templates available online. From warm and cozy to refined and stylish, these WordPress themes are ideal for any holiday-themed blog, website, or online store.

1. Christmas Gifts

Christmas Gifts is a premium WordPress theme, featuring a front page slider and a two column design. Its elegant blue color scheme is perfect for online stores, thanks to the customizable slider and clean layout.

Demo: http://www.webspacecreations.com/preview_template.php?type=wordpress&id=31860

Download: http://www.webspacecreations.com/WordPress-Theme-31860#websites

WordPress Christmas themed templates Top 10 WordPress Christmas Themed Templates

 2. Xmas

A highly functional theme brought to you by Site5, Xmas boasts a beautiful header that combines all traditional elements, from the Christmas tree and snowmen, to Santa Claus himself. The color theme combines holiday red with glacial blue to great effect. A great option for giving your blog some of the charm of the winter holidays.

Demo: http://www.wordpressthemesbook.com/themedemo/go.php?url=http://wordpress.site5.net/xmas

Download: http://www.wordpressthemesbook.com/downloads/Xmas

WordPress Christmas themed templates2 Top 10 WordPress Christmas Themed Templates

3. Christmas Carol

Christmas Carol is a functional template that doesn’t sacrifice readability for the sake of design. The predominantly red color scheme features accents of white and green. You get a built-in slot for AdSense and a snow animation that you can configure to your liking.

Demo: http://www.wpdemotest.com/?preview_theme=christmas-carol

Download: http://www.file.wp5.org/download.php?file=07ab476f88fc368780d4ddf5523b85ca

WordPress Christmas themed templates3 Top 10 WordPress Christmas Themed Templates


4. Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas is a beautiful, modern WordPress theme that skips the conventional sidebar design for a single-column approach. The links, recent comments, and meta sections are displayed in the footer, in brightly colored columns. The snowing animation is a nice touch, and you can change the direction of the wind or stop it if you don’t like it.

Demo: http://wpthemes.blogohblog.net/index.php?wptheme=merry+Christmas

Download: http://www.blogohblog.com/download/merrychristmas.zip

WordPress Christmas themed templates4 Top 10 WordPress Christmas Themed Templates

 5. InstantShift Christmas

Some Christmas WordPress themes are a bit excessive in their use of Christmas trees and snowflakes. For those of you looking for a clean, minimalistic winter theme, InstantShift’s Christmas creation may be ideal. Clean, functional design and tasteful graphics.

Demo: http://www.wordpressthemesbook.com/themedemo/go.php?url=http://www.wordpressthemesbook.com/demo/index.php?wptheme=WordPress+Christmas+Theme

Download: http://www.wordpressthemesbook.com/downloads/InstantShift+Christmas

WordPress Christmas themed templates5 Top 10 WordPress Christmas Themed Templates

6. Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve is a three-column WordPress theme with a gold and burgundy color scheme. The template does a great job of evoking the atmosphere of a peaceful Christmas Eve spent by the fireside together with the dear ones.

Demo: http://www.free-wordpress-theme.net/demo/?themedemo=christmas_eve

Download: http://free-wordpress-theme.net/wp-content/plugins/download-monitor/download.php?id=271

WordPress Christmas themed templates6 Top 10 WordPress Christmas Themed Templates 

7. Winter Red

Winter Red is another functional Christmas theme, featuring a large header where you can put your favorite holiday-themed picture. The template is predominantly red, with accents of gold and black.

Demo: http://test.qualitywordpress.com/?preview_theme=winter

Download: http://www.freewordpresstheme.info/wp-content/plugins/download-monitor/download.php?id=77

WordPress Christmas themed templates7 Top 10 WordPress Christmas Themed Templates

8. Iceburgg

Iceburgg is not exactly a Christmas theme, but rather a winter theme. Nevertheless, you can use it all holiday season with no problems. The predominant colors are white and blue, and you can make use of a widgetizable footer.

Demo: http://demo.themegrade.com/?wptheme=002/iceburgg

Download: http://www.themegrade.com/go/download.php?theme=330

WordPress Christmas themed templates8 Top 10 WordPress Christmas Themed Templates

9. Lovely Xmas

A minimalist (perhaps a bit too simple) Christmas theme, Lovely Xmas features a cute, hand-drawn header depicting a happy Santa. Lovely Xmas offers few bells and whistles, but if you don’t want anything special, it can be a good, safe choice.

Demo: http://www.wpthemesfree.com/test.php?theme_id=3420

Download: http://www.wpthemesfree.com/download.php?theme_id=3420

WordPress Christmas themed templates9 Top 10 WordPress Christmas Themed Templates 

10. Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas is a free WordPress template that is SEO optimized and widget ready. Plus, the authors claim to have tested it with it all major browsers. Some may consider its design too heavy, due to the abundance of Christmas bells, candles, and presents. But if you want a really festive design, Merry Christmas may be the right theme for you.

Demo: http://www.wordpressthemesbook.com/themedemo/go.php?url=http://www.ezwpthemes.com/examples/?wptheme=Merry%20Christmas&cat=15

Download: http://www.wordpressthemesbook.com/downloads/Merry+Christmas

WordPress Christmas themed templates10 Top 10 WordPress Christmas Themed Templates