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Choco is a dark-themed blog that’s more suited to personal blogs. This two-column theme has a bit more defined character than the usual clean, crisp and minimalistic WordPress theme I would usually review. That’s not to say that Choco is messy and cluttered. In fact, it’s one of the very few dark themes that doesn’t have a grunge feel to it.

Choco WordPress Theme 1 Choco: WordPress Theme Review

Custom Options & Features

As the name suggests, Choco involves warm, dark tones. The layout looks like a leather journal or compendium, with stitching details around the border and textured tabs for dates and sidebar headings.

There are three colorways to choose from if you go to Appearances > Theme Options. The default dark brown/orange and the red/black can look a bit out-dated and amateurish. However, the dark gray color combination offers a much subtle journal feel that’s slightly more sophisticated.

Choco WordPress Theme 2 Choco: WordPress Theme Review

Choco includes the standard features that are expected from most WordPress themes now, such as custom background and menus. It would have been nice to see custom header too, along with maybe a footer widget area as the sidebar is a bit too narrow to fit something like calendar or wider photos.


With Choco, the sidebar is a bit more narrow than most of other WordPress themes. Nevertheless, it works and the sidebar headings are not as distracting as I thought they would be. I like how the images are displayed like a strip of film. However, sometimes there was a glitch of getting more than one image to be displayed from the Flickr account.

Choco WordPress Theme 3 Choco: WordPress Theme Review

One of the big advantages of Choco is the flexibility to change the way your posts look on the front page with minor tweaks. The Featured Image is always shown on the top left-hand corner as a thumbnail and is displayed both on the front and also the actual article.

This provides an interesting layout, but there are some aspects you would need to be weary of in order to show the post properly. The obvious one is to ensure that you have set a Featured Image with the post. Unless you don’t like the thumbnail layout, then you can simply exclude this and your post will be displayed like your usual blog style. This is probably more relevant when you’re posting a video.

Choco WordPress Theme 4 Choco: WordPress Theme Review

For a neater look, utilize the Insert More Tag, which is found on the kitchen sink of Posts. In addition, make sure everything before the Insert More Tab is just words and leave the pictures after it. If you wish to include images before the Insert More Tab, just make sure you have included a bulk of text before the photo so it won’t look so cluttered and awkward.

Choco WordPress Theme 5 Choco: WordPress Theme Review

Wrap Up

Overall, Choco is a simple theme that’s more practical for a personal blog. It’s great if you are searching for a dark-colored theme that excluded the grunge textures or gothic appearance. Let us know your thoughts by commenting below and if you have any other dark-colored WordPress themes for us to review.