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As the title says, this will be a kick-ass showcase of stunning typefaces examples that I picked up lately on the web. Some of these fonts are newly released and are suitable for any kind of design, although the majority are not well suited for content, but for headlines, titles and print. Moreover, most of them are free and you can download them only by accessing the title anchor.

For headlines

1. Circles

The font is available for both PCs and MACs and was downloaded over 1000 times in the first week after being published on dafont. The font is based on circles and has, according to the author, as less rules as possible.

circles 20 Fresh and Free Fonts

2. Flowmotion

The font is available for both PCs and MACs and although it was released some time ago, it is still very popular. It is also based on round shapes and works best if used in high font sizes.

flowmotion 20 Fresh and Free Fonts

3. Spatha Sans

The typeface is friendly and is based on organic shapes. Although it is mainly suited for headlines, it might work for short paragraphs of text only, however the font does not work so well in small sizes. If used in paragraphs there has to be a lot of thinking over the line height and integration with other elements.

spatha 20 Fresh and Free Fonts


This stunning example comes in several types, from normal to light and ultra light. It is suitable for any kind of design, although it works better for graphics, such as posters, flyers and motion graphics. I am sure you’ve seen something similar before, this modern type of fonts are quite popular nowadays.

gota 20 Fresh and Free Fonts

5. Denne Shuffle

The font is a handwritten 3D model with no holes and works for both PCs and MACs. If used in web design, it has to be combined with other playful and childish elements, otherwise it can’t fit.

shuffle 20 Fresh and Free Fonts

6. Leander

This one is compatible with @font-face, which means it can easily be integrated in an HTML file. Leander is mostly suitable for headlines and not for content and has been downloaded more than 15.000 times until now.

leander 20 Fresh and Free Fonts

7. ROKE1984

By far my favorite is ROKE1984. It is an amazing concept best suited for print and graphics and it is based on geometric forms and mathematical symbols. It includes accents and numerals and it is an unique concept, I’ve never seen something like that before.

However, the font is not free for commercial use and costs a staggering $90. I just wanted to showcase it here because it is truly an amazing type, but you will have to spend money for it if you wish to use it. Anyway, just look at what an amazing things you can design with it, I am stunned.

roke1984 20 Fresh and Free Fonts

8. Perforama

Perforama just has to be another favorite of mine. It is available for both PCs and MACs and works incredibly with graphics in print.

perforama 20 Fresh and Free Fonts

9. Typeface Adec

This one is another great typeface for headlines and titles, especially in print and motion graphics.

typeface adec 20 Fresh and Free Fonts

10. Eordeoghlakat

Although it has a weird name, it works just fine on paper. I don’t know about its usage in web, but it seems the font is also designed for use in graphics. Just make sure no one asks what its name is, it might be too difficult to spell.

Eordeoghlakat 20 Fresh and Free Fonts

11. Walk around the block

Another good one for print and motion graphics. I doubt it would work very well in web design, but it might be worth giving it a short for paper.

whb 20 Fresh and Free Fonts

12. Asche

This is a font published for web and print and comes in three different weights: bold, regular and light.

asche 20 Fresh and Free Fonts

13. Code

Code is perfect for anywhere. It works great on posters, flyers, T-Shirt and even in web. Code comes in two weights, light (example below) and bold.

code 20 Fresh and Free Fonts

14. LOT

Although applicable in web, I don’t think it is there where it works at its best. I believe it is highly suitable for T-Shirts and print.

lot 20 Fresh and Free Fonts

For content

1. Merriweather

Merriweather is made for web and not that much for print. It works great in content paragraphs thanks to its readability. The typeface includes several weights.

merriweather 20 Fresh and Free Fonts

2. Josefin Slab

Designed more than two years ago, this one was downloaded more than 55.000 times until now. It looks like it is a very popular font in web and comes in 10 different styles, which allows a lot of flexibility.

josefin 20 Fresh and Free Fonts

3. Bigmouth

This one is also great for web, although it has to be calibrated with a specific line height and letter spacing. I don’t think it is suitable for too much content, but it will work just fine for headings.

bigmouth 20 Fresh and Free Fonts

4. Piron v2

This one is the second version of Piron. The first version was so popular that the design team decided to go back at it and improve the typeface. It seems they managed to. You can find lots of examples of how its is used in web.

piron 20 Fresh and Free Fonts

5. Infinity

Although never really used it, I am a fan of Infinity and its great round shapes. It is a sleek, modern font which is applicable in both web and print.

infinity 20 Fresh and Free Fonts

6. Cash

The last one in this showcase is Cash, designed by a freelancer many years ago. However, if used for commercial purposes, the author has to be contacted first.

cash 20 Fresh and Free Fonts

Hope you enjoyed today’s article. Are there some other great fonts out there you would like to recommend to us?