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The WordPress blogging platform is an amazing tool that enables everyone to create unique and attractive blogs with a minimal amount of effort and technical knowledge. One of the features that makes WordPress such a powerful and useful application is its flexibility. With WordPress, it’s easy to customize the functionality of your blog by using the extensive plugin system that offers thousands of useful modules. The appearance of the blog can also be changed at a flick of a switch, thanks to the easy-to-use theme system.

The flexibility of WordPress makes it ideal for blogs, but it’s capable of powering almost any type of website. One area where WordPress really shines is portfolio sites. Creative professionals, such as web designers, photographers, and freelancers can use the blogging tool to create attractive websites that highlight their talents and services.

To create an impressive portfolio with WordPress it’s important to use the right theme. From photo themes to minimalist pages, there are plenty of high quality portfolio themes available on the Internet. To help you find the best one, we have put together a list of the most attractive, yet functional free WordPress portfolio themes.


Demo: http://demo.graphpaperpress.com/workaholic
Download: http://graphpaperpress.com/members/signup.php

Work-a-holic is a minimalistic and elegant WordPress theme aimed at photographers, designers and other visual artists. It features a clean grid based layout, with plenty of white space, which is ideal for emphasizing the content without distracting the users’ attention with design elements. Work-a-holic is available in a free version, but the paid versions add advanced features, such as a color picker and logo upload. Nevertheless, the free version is perfect for creating an elegant portfolio that will let you put the spotlight on your work. If you’re looking for a simple and attractive WordPress 3.0 theme with support for widgets and custom menus, Work-a-holic makes for a really great choice.

WordPress Portfolio Theme Workaholic 10 Free WordPress Portfolio Themes


Demo: http://demo.slimmity.com/simplefolio/
Download: http://www.slimmity.com/download/SimpleFolio-v1.5.zip

As the name suggests, SimpleFolio is a simple, clean portfolio theme designed for the influential design blog Smashing Magazine. SimpleFolio is suitable for all types of creative professionals, including copywriters and developers, because it doesn’t rely on photos as much as other portfolio themes. SimpleFolio features separate blog and portfolio sections, so it’s easy to combine the two channels, yet keep a unitary appearance. You can make use of the front page slider to add dynamism to the portfolio, or extend its functionality with the flexible widget system. Moreover, thanks to the image resize function, which takes the hassle out of image processing, it’s easy to upload images in SimpleFolio.

WordPress Portfolio Theme SimpleFolio e1313048678530 10 Free WordPress Portfolio Themes


Demo: http://wpshower.com/demo/?theme=suburbia
Download: http://wpshower.com/suburbia.zip

Suburbia is another minimalistic, elegant portfolio theme for WordPress, featuring an airy grid based layout and a white and grey background. Besides portfolios, Suburbia is suitable for magazines and blogs, so it’s perfect if you want to create an original presence, and not just another portfolio page. Suburbia has plenty of space for text, making it useful for professional that don’t rely on images, from musicians to writers. Nevertheless, the grid layout has dedicated spaces for images so photographers and designers will feel at home too with this adaptable WordPress theme. Suburbia is WordPress 3.0 ready and uses a built-in logo uploader and favicon customization tool, making it easy to customize your portfolio without having to go through the code.

WordPress Portfolio Theme Suburbia 10 Free WordPress Portfolio Themes


Demo: http://webrevolutionary.com/sharpfolio-demo
Download: http://www.webrevolutionary.com/Sharpfolio.zip

For web designers, photographers and artists, there is nothing like a beautiful, large-resolution image to showcase talent and skills. Sharpfolio is perfect for visual professionals, featuring an ultra-minimalistic layout that is centered around large images. The background is a neutral grey, while the typography and layout are intentionally discrete, contributing to the dim atmosphere of this beautiful theme. If you’re looking for a simple, elegant theme to display your images and keep the other elements at a minimal level, Sharpfolio is the right choice for you.

WordPress Portfolio Theme Sharpfolio 10 Free WordPress Portfolio Themes


Demo: http://demo.wordspop.com/fotofolio-landscape
Download: http://wordspop.com/themes/fotofolio-landscape

Fotofolio Landscape is another grey background portfolio theme influenced by the latest trends in web design. Just like the previous theme, Fotofolio emphasizes images, being ideally suited for creatives working with visual media, from designers to architects and artists. Fotofolio has a number of advanced features, such as swappable skins (some of which are available for a small fee), a slideshow, resizable images, and support for widgets. Fotofolio works with WordPress 3.0 and includes a built-in testimonial section and a blog section, which let you add more credibility to your web presence.

WordPress Portfolio Theme Fotofolio 10 Free WordPress Portfolio Themes


Demo: http://labs.paulicio.us/viewport
Download: http://paulicio.us/download/viewport_1.1.zip

ViewPort is a truly original WordPress portfolio theme, breaking away from the conventional layouts to produce a beautiful, interactive experience. ViewPort replaces traditional grid pages with a large carousel that displays posts as a timeline. The visual impact of ViewPort makes it ideal for photographers and graphic artists, putting only their creativity and talent in the spotlight. Due to its non-conventional structure, ViewPort is a little more difficult to use and less suitable for frequently updated portfolios or for blogging. Nevertheless, for visual portfolios, there are few WordPress themes that can match the impact obtained by using the beautiful ViewPort theme.


Demo: http://mu.flexible7.com/bluebubble
Download: http://www.flexible7.com/bluebubble-wordpress-theme

BlueBubble is a WordPress 3.0 theme with a friendly appearance for the designers, artists, and copy writers that aim for an approachable image. BlueBubble is free but has a number of features that qualify it for Premium-status, such as the 8 interchangeable color skins and the custom control panel. BlueBubble uses a grid layout that forgoes traditional slide-down designs, making it ideal for static pages such as portfolios. To help users keep in touch, the theme comes with built-in social network integration. The portfolio functionality is enhanced by the ColorBox image popup, which is perfect for creating beautiful image galleries.

WordPress Portfolio Theme BlueBubble 10 Free WordPress Portfolio Themes

Brave Zeenat

Demo: http://www.dizenoco.com/demo
Download: http://wparchive.com/themes/brave-zeenat-wordpress-theme.zip

Brave Zeenat is a beautiful theme with a corporate feel and a link bar that makes it suitable for company portfolios. The theme sports a fixed-width layout with a Jquerry slider and support for widgets. More than that, you can elegantly and seamlessly integrate your Twitter feed, to keep visitors up to date with the latest developments. Brave Zeenat is centered on the image slider, which is great for displaying visual media, such as photography, web design, video and others. Companies and design teams will appreciate the top link section and bottom menu bar that give an edgy, professional look to the portfolio page.

WordPress Portoflio Theme Brave Zeenat 10 Free WordPress Portfolio Themes


Demo: http://www.paddsolutions.com/wpmag/praseodymiumic
Download: http://www.paddsolutions.com/wordpress-theme-praseodymiumic

Don’t let the awkward name misguide you – Praseodymiumic is a cool, simple to use free portfolio WordPress theme that lets you create a great-looking professional website in hours. The breezy look of this theme and the grid based layout create a beautiful showcase for design work, but the theme is also suitable for non-visual creative professionals. Praseodymiumic comes with a built-in changing testimonial space on the front page, perfect for displaying client opinions, and a clean portfolio section on the bottom of the homepage. Overall, Praseodymiumic is suitable for both corporate pages and personal portfolios.

WordPress Portoflio Theme Praseodymiumic 10 Free WordPress Portfolio Themes


Demo: http://templatic.com/demos/video
Download: http://templatic.com/freethemes/video

For the motion arts professionals, including directors, animators, and editors, Video is a great free portfolio WordPress theme with video support on the homepage. The Video theme is flexible and feature-rich, so it works great for portfolios, magazines, and even movie reviews websites. The theme includes a modern-looking top menu bar and a link footer with plenty of space. Below the sliding video carousel, a thumbnail section allows you to show off your categories. Other useful features include social network integration, localization, and a powerful control panel.

WordPress Portoflio Theme Video 10 Free WordPress Portfolio Themes

This concludes our list of free WordPress portfolio themes. We hope you found some inspiration here or maybe even the theme for your next successful portfolio!